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Community Leader Endorsements

Patrick Hanlon

Mayor, Hopkins

"I have had the great privilege of getting to know Kissy Coakley as an elected colleague and friend. Ms Coakley is a relentless champion for reform in a way that brings others along and yields results. Her lived and professional experience gives us a candidate at the state level who understands the real challenges people in our community face. She has overcome her own adversity, that few can fathom. As a result, she leads with empathy and keeps driving forward when anyone else would have given up. She is who we need representing all of us at the Minnesota capitol."


Patsy Foster-Bolton

City Council Member, Minnetonka

"I am proud to endorse Kissy Coakley for house representative.  She will boldly lead to address the climate crisis and affordable housing, and work tirelessly to ensure this state is a multiracial democracy with a caring economy for all."

patsy foster-bolton

Dr. Kimberly Wilburn

City Council Member, Minnetonka

"Working alongside Kissy on the Minnetonka City Council for the past few years, I have seen her commitment to service and community.  Her passion and fearlessness will serve her and her constituents well in the Minnesota House."

kimberly wilburn

Jen Westmoreland

Hopkins School Board Director

"Kissy is an experienced leader who has been elected twice by our community. Her leadership is rooted in community, and she is a champion for inclusive housing, holistic community safety, economic development, and criminal legal system reform. Kissy is the right leader at the right time, and I am proud to endorse her for MN House."

Jen westmoreland

Heidi Garrido

City Council Member, Hopkins

"Kissy is a proven leader in local politics and has been an asset to her community. Her ability to ask the hard questions and advocate for her constituents makes her a clear choice to be the person to bring those skills to state office on behalf of District 49A. In addition, women of color are greatly underrepresented in all offices across Minnesota and Kissy's advocacy and leadership is very needed in our State House. I strongly support Kissy Coakley for Minnesota House of Representatives."

heidi garrido

Derrick Banks

Minnetonka Planning & DEI Commission Board Member

"Kissy Coakley is an outstanding Councilwoman and has worked tirelessly to advocate for our community and the city of Minnetonka. She has proven time again to be truly dedicated to service; and her leadership skills, commitment, and ability to work with others to enact policies that positively impact her constituents is what we need in the Minnesota House of Representatives. For these reasons, I support and endorse Kissy for Minnesota House of Representatives 49A."


Brian Kirk

Former City Council Member, Minnetonka

"I support Kissy Coakley for the MN State House 49A. Ms. Coakley’s life experiences gives her a unique perspective that other members of our community don’t have. During the past four years as a fellow councilmember for the City of Minnetonka, I have seen her advocate for public safety while still supporting the interests of people of color living in Minnetonka. She asks critical questions of developers proposing higher density housing to make sure that there is diversity in the size and affordability of the units. She supports single family home ownership needed to grow generational wealth in our community. Ms. Coakley’s past experience advocating at the capital to draw attention to gaps and disparities that exist in our community demonstrates how she is equipped to hear all voices and carry that message to law makers. We need Kissy’s voice at the state capital to make sure all perspectives are being heard. Vote to elect Kissy Coakley MN House seat 49A!"

brian kirk

Dr. Tyronne Carter

Former Minnetonka DEI Taskforce member

"As Kissy's neighbor and fellow local DFL activist for the past four years, I can attest to her skills and character. Kissy has always supported small businesses, affordable housing and championed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Minnetonka and shows a strong sense of courage. I can rely on her to provide ethical progressive action in any and every situation. I believe she is a great candidate for the state House as she is consistently steadfast in her commitment to good and fair local government for all."


Organization Endorsements

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