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Criminal Justice &

Social/Mental Health

There is a punitive cycle in our criminal justice system that disproportionately impacts certain members of our community. By providing the necessary assistance through social services, and supporting diversion programs, we can assist our community members while simultaneously reducing crime.

Affordable Housing &

Generational Wealth

I support programs in the district that promote affordable housing and wealth-building, such as the “Welcome to Minnetonka” loan program, which assists new home buyers. I would also continue to support the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, a multi-million-dollar fund that creates more home ownership.

Transportation &

Climate Change

It’s crucial to fund programs that help ensure the sustainability of our park systems, and to continue to educate residents about climate change. We need to encourage the use of public transportation, carpools, biking/walking trails, and other sustainable modes of transportation. I hope to improve transportation and climate issues in our state.

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